Customer Testimonials

We love to hear from our customers! We are thankful that over the decades we have heard from so many of them. Here are a few positive and interesting testimonials about our company and our fine teas.

"This year is my 53rd year of ordering  teas from Grace Tea.  Every order has provided me with wonderfully delicious, and delightful tea varieties, complemented by Grace Tea’s superb customer service and shipping.  I’m happy to say this year’s order  was no exception.  As I open each replacement variety package, it brings remembrance of all the teas I’ve enjoyed over these past years, and the sure knowledge that I will be able to renew this delight every time I order in future.  Thank you for carrying on Grace’s tradition of offering only the finest of  teas and superb service.  I look forward to ordering many times again in the future, just as I have in the past." H.B.

“Last week, I placed an order for two boxes of Winey Keemun, one for me and one for a friend. I think I placed the order about 5:40 on Monday evening. I had meant to do it weeks ago, but had forgotten. I had no expectation of the package arriving before Christmas, so I was astonished when it was delivered to my door on Christmas Eve! I was very happy to be able to take the gift of tea to my friend when we went to share Christmas dinner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Just wanted you to know that the recent order I made arrived in a timely manner and the service was excellent. I love speaking with a live person as it makes the tea ordering experience much more enjoyable. The Silver Tip Yunnan is especially excellent. Sat down with a book on an early fall day and made a pot of this tea served with a slice of harvest bread and before I knew it, a very pleasant two hours had gone by. Thank you for continuing your fine personal service.”
S.D., Geneva, NY

“I received my catalog just as I have for nearly 20 years now since the days of Dick and Marguerite Sanders. I am writing just to thank you for creating such an appealing catalog, much the same as it has always been and therefore very comforting … but with tasty improvements too. It was Norwood Pratt’s book, mentioning you as having some of his favorite teas, that prompted me to contact and purchase some Winey Keemun back in 1994, and a tasty purchase it was! I may order in time and till then I wish you both a very happy spring just upon us this day. Best wishes from a long time customer and lover of Grace Rare Teas.”

“Visiting New York about nine years ago my husband and I happened across your tea at a charming downtown market. I’ve never returned to another brand. The taste and brand specifics have made me a fan. The brand evokes a traditional, timeless, classic and coziness that pales to the fullness of flavor in your teas. I enjoy your teas with my husband, daughters and friends. Thanks for keeping it simple, quality and traditional.”

“I received my order on Friday: Gunpowder Green and Jasmine teas and a Bodum tea glass. As always, the order was right, got here quickly, and, of course, the tea is wonderful. And I really like receiving a sample of my choice. I think I’ve been ordering tea from you guys since the 1970s! And will continue to do so. Well done!”
T.S., San Antonio, TX

“Just a quick note to tell you that your Formosa Oolong is the best tea I have ever tasted. I look forward to receiving my next order and sampling more of your exquisite teas!
M.G., Wheeling, IL

“I am sitting here with a cup of the tea that I ordered from you, while checking my email. I am wondering how I had lived without it for so long!! I will be ordering more in the near future”
K.C., Quemado, NM

“Our family loves your teas and has for years. I even converted my wife- a committed coffee drinker since her days in medical school! Keep it coming.”
T.V., Seattle, WA

“I received my Grace Rare Tea today and am enjoying a cup even as I type. Your products and your personal style make Grace Rare Tea the oblivious choice among tea lovers. Many thanks.”
L.F., Leesburg, VA

“I want to thank you for staying true to your elegant and simple approach to tea and the business of tea. All aspects of my experience with Grace Tea, from those finely worded letters to your lovely canisters to the enjoyment of a cup of your tea spell peacefulness for me.”
A.S., Norcross, GA

“Each and every morning I start my day with a cup of Grace’s China Yunnan or Darjeeling. After my first few, truly delightful sips, I’m able to face yet another day! Over the years I have tried many, many loose teas and yours are truly the best.”
L.E., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

“I have spread the gospel of tea amongst my friends by showing them the difference between teabag tea, supermarket loose tea and your Winey Keemun. They were appalled at the quality of the teabag tea and agreed that your tea tasted far superior.”
I.S., Justin, TX

“I recently received my order of Grace Teas. I loved everything about it. The way you package the tea so neatly and securely. I know that I am about to enjoy serenity in my delicious cup of tea. I refilled my canisters, sat back and thought, Ah, I’m home!”
S.C., New York, NY

“My Uncle introduced me to Grace Rare Teas in 1967. I have not had any other tea since. I love it, and every time I sip your tea I think of my Uncle. He has passed away, and relaxing with a cup of your fine tea brings back pleasant memories. Thank you.”
CH, Wrangell, AK

“I am enjoying a steaming cup of your Owner’s Blend right at this moment, and I owe this opportunity all to you. You have an outstanding company ethic, and consistently provide exquisite artisan teas even to little buyers like me. I can only wish you happy buying and blending for years to come.”
L.F., Leesburg, VA

“I purchased a tin of your Owner’s Blend and wanted to let you know that I think it is one of the finest teas I’ve ever tasted. I look forward to coming home at night, turning on the computer, fixing my Owner’s Blend and starting the other workday. Thanks for peace and enjoyment.”
H.H., Hinkley, IL

“I want to congratulate you on your 50 years in business! I think I have been a customer if not that long, at least quite a few of those years. I appreciate that you, as you say, keep your products to a minimum, the consistency of selections and the beautiful design of your canisters and labels. I wish you many more years of success.”
M.T., Minneapolis, MN

“Congratulations on 50 years of business. Since my first order in June, 1989, I have appreciated and enjoyed the quality, consistency and flavor of Grace Teas. I look forward to many more years of enjoying and serving Grace teas.”
C.B., Huntington, NY

“Your Connoisseur Blend in my last shipment was of exquisite quality. It is a tea to be savored and enjoyed!”
F.T., South Hadley, MA

“Your Assam tea is the best we have ever found. We tell our tea drinking friends about your company whenever we can.”
R.L., Mississippi, MS

“As a long time and satisfied customer of Grace Tea Company, I wanted to congratulate you on your 50th anniversary. That longevity is undoubtedly because of the excellent, fairly priced product and great service in filling orders.”
P.R., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you for your gracious, generous and faithful service to me over the years.”
L.B., Raleigh, NC

“I have always enjoyed an afternoon cup of tea, and when I began to offer a cup of Grace Tea to a friend or two at work, it quickly caught on. We all stop for a ‘cuppa’ at three each day. Some of them have tried brands from local markets, only to discover a huge difference in the brewed taste of the others. They now enjoy only Grace.”
P.S., New York, NY