Oriental Beauty Oolong

Processed entirely by hand, our Oriental Beauty offering is produced only during the summer months, in the Ping Ling area of Northern Taiwan. This area has a perpetual mild climate and rolling fog, making the growing environment truly unique.

The tea leaves are a robust mix of green, white, yellow, red, and brown—the colors of nature itself. Sixty percent oxidized; the flavor is one of a kind, both strong and mellow, with a fruity taste and subtle honeyed notes. Its naturally sweet taste is invigorating, like stepping into the wild. Oriental Beauty turns amber-red when infused.

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(4 oz. Tin) Oriental Beauty Oolong (G35)
(4 oz. Refill Bag) Oriental Beauty Oolong (G35B )
(Sample) Oriental Beauty Oolong (C35)

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Very nice and sometimes rare.Review by larry
Very good (Posted on 5/13/2017)

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