Black Teas

Black Teas

Welcome To Our Black Tea Offerings!

To produce black tea, the tea leaves are plucked by hand and then left out in the sun until they are pliable enough to be rolled without the leaf splitting. The leaves are then put into a mechanical tumbler and rolled. This process causes the leaves’ juices to react with the air and then oxidize. The green leaves turn black and are then fired in huge drying ovens to produce the final product. Black tea is the most common tea consumed in this country, with our selections cultivated in China, India and Sri Lanka. Black teas yield a vibrant, reddish-brown liquor in the cup.

Brewing Tips: Black tea should be made with cold, filtered water that has been brought to a rolling boil (205°F). Using one rounded teaspoon of loose tea or one teabag for each cup required, pour the boiling water over the tea leaves. Black tea should be steeped for 5 minutes. Once the ideal brewing time has been reached, the leaves should be removed to prevent further steeping.

It is important to remember that Darjeeling tea requires a shorter brewing time and should only be steeped for 3-4 minutes.

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