Grace Rare Teas
Grace Rare Teas
Grace Rare Teas

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The Grace Tea Company has been offering the top tier of loose-leaf offerings to tea aficionados worldwide since 1959. We are committed to sourcing only the finest teas and offering them to our customers in the fashion of a respectful, family run organization. By concentrating on offering only the finest whole, unbroken tea leaves to our discriminating customers; our Grace Rare Tea brand has provided tea blend uniformity and unsurpassed cup quality year after year.

For over 25 years, the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has managed the tea sourcing and blending for Grace Tea Company. In 2009, Grace Tea Company relocated corporate headquarters to allow the family-run Mark T. Wendell Tea Company to be more engaged in the day-to-day operations, thus ensuring consistency, quality control and bolstering their commitment to selling only the highest quality teas and tisanes.

Since then, the Johnson family has managed both brands, also selling a number of brewing accessories and imported packaged teas to both wholesale and individual tea enthusiasts.

Now in 2023, we have streamlined the order process for both companies by combining our on-line ordering platform into one secure website. The Grace Rare Teas are listed in their section here.

If are interested in exploring something new beyond our Grace Rare Teas, please visit our website, and explore the rest of our products today.

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