Welcome! The Grace Tea Company has been a uniquely run tea importing firm since its founding in 1959 in New York City. In today’s ever changing landscape of loose-leaf teas, Grace Tea Company remains committed to sourcing only the top tier of the finest teas and offering them to our customers in the fashion of a family run organization with a distinct focus on customer satisfaction.

The original character and style of Grace Rare Teas remain unchanged today, with a focus on combining handpicked rare black, oolong and scented teas to create great-tasting and uplifting tea blends. As new teas have become available over the years, several new single-estate green, white, pu-erh and herbal offerings round out Grace Tea Company’s award winning tea selections.

As a small, boutique tea company, we value your patronage and take pride in being able to spread the joys associated with a daily cup of tea to the casual tea drinkers and discerning tea enthusiasts alike. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you soon!

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